Sarah Greenfield,

Sarah Greenfield is a Registered Dietitian with a specialty in sports nutrition and functional medicine. She started her career in health care and then transitioned into prevention focused nutrition creating programs for large wellness brands like NutriBullet, HUM nutrition and Dr Hyman. Through all of this she realized women were lacking communities where they could come together and support each other to change their health. After meeting Miriam in 2016, she realized they shared a vision to create a space for women to transform their health!

Miriam Jacobson,

Miriam is a board-certified Functional Medicine Dietitian living in Los Angeles. She works with clients suffering from digestive problems and mood and energy imbalances to help them regain balance through food and nutrients. Miriam earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human nutrition and functional medicine. It is her mission to help individuals find more balance in their bodies and a peaceful relationship with food.


Our Love Story

This is how we met and fell in love and had all the food babies.