Be Apart of the Tribe


Congratulations - you’ve decided to get serious about making positive, long-lasting changes to your health and wellness! This is a noble and exciting pursuit - and it’s also a very personal one. So personal, in fact, that it can sometimes feel a bit lonely.

Don't Go At It Alone! 

Sharing your commitment to healthier living isn’t always easy - maybe your friends/coworkers don’t quite understand, or feel threatened by your resolve. Maybe your significant other unintentionally tries to sway you back into old habits, or maybe you’re struggling with your new lifestyle and need some positive reinforcement to cheer you on towards your goals.

If you’re seeking a place to share your intentions, struggles, and triumphs throughout your journey to a healthier life, Our Health Tribe is here for you. Led by credentialed nutrition and wellness practitioners, this community of like-minded, health-oriented women offers support and connection throughout the course of your transformation.

Taking charge of your personal wellness is more meaningful, sustainable, and FUN when you’ve got your tribe by your side!

Join Our Health Tribe Community

  • Access to our supportive online community, full of amazing women embarking on similar journeys to health
  • Answers to health questions from our nutrition experts and fellow members
  • Weekly prompts and messages of encouragement to keep you working towards your goals
  • Lectures/discussions led by wellness experts to share the latest and most helpful nutrition, food, and health discoveries
  • The option to be featured as a guest speaker